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Common Questions Regarding Car Accident Injuries

At Seaton Law Offices, P.A., we have extensive experience helping individuals who have suffered injuries in car accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers to find the compensation that they deserve. Over the years, we have been asked a multitude of questions relating to the laws of pursuing car accident injury claims and have compiled some of the most frequent ones below. Our aim is to ensure that you have the knowledge and resources necessary to feel confident that you can pursue justice for your injuries.

I’ve been injured in a car accident. What should I do next?

Immediately after a car accident occurs, you should make sure everyone involved is safe and healthy and seek medical attention for any injuries you or another driver or passenger has suffered. Next, make sure to collect the contact and insurance information from all other drivers involved and request contact information from any witnesses. If it appears there is a conflict regarding the events that led up to the accident or if there are any serious injuries, call the police and request their presence at the scene. Report the accident immediately to your insurance company and contact an attorney to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Won’t insurance cover injuries from car accidents?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not place high priority on your needs and interests. First and foremost, insurance providers are businesses who must make profit, which means that a settlement offered by a provider may not include the full and fair amount of compensation that you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Furthermore, some insurance companies may try to deny you a settlement altogether or use other bad faith practices to minimize the amount of money they have to provide you.

How soon should I file a car accident injury claim?

Every state has a “Statute of Limitations” regarding how long after an incident an individual has to file a lawsuit. In Florida, an injured victim of a car accident has four years after the accident to file a personal injury claim. While this may seem like a long time, it can take a while for insurance companies to work out accident claims and offer a settlement. If you feel like you may not receive the settlement that you deserve, it is essential to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Can I pursue a claim even though the accident may have partially been my fault?

Yes. Florida state operates under what is known as the “pure comparative negligence” law. What this means is that an injured party can recover a percentage of damages that is limited by their own percentage of fault. For example, if it is determined that you were 25% at fault for an accident, you can still pursue up to 75% of the total damages you suffered.

How much money can I recover?

The monetary value of an injury claim for a car accident depends upon the specific facts, circumstances, and results of each individual case. There is no exact formula for calculating the amount of compensation an injured victim is eligible to pursue. Damages that can be covered under an injury claim include medical bills, lost wages, expenses relating to medication and prescriptions, as well as emotional damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment. The best way to determine how much your claim is worth is by having it evaluated by our Panama City injury attorney.

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