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Civil Rights Lawsuits in Panama City, FL

At Seaton Law Offices, P.A., we take pride in defending the rights of our clients, and if your rights as a citizen have been violated in any way we want to help you. Whether you have experienced discrimination in the workplace or if you have suffered any form of police brutality, we are ready to meet with you to discuss the matter and determine whether you have grounds for legal action in pursuit of monetary damages.

Police Brutality and Wrongful Arrest

We as citizens place an enormous trust in the police officers in our community, empowering them with authority and the right to exercise force. Unfortunately, some cops abuse this power, such as by using excessive force in making an arrest or engaging in outright brutality. Police beatings and the use of "less lethal" weapons such as Tasers have become major issues, with victims suffering severe injury or even death at the hands of bad cops.

Section 1983 Claim

If you have suffered abuse at the hands of a police officer, we may be able to help you file a civil lawsuit such as a Section 1983 claim, which makes it possible for you to hold the officer accountable and recover financial compensation.

It is similarly possible to sue for wrongful arrest or malicious prosecution if you have been falsely accused by law enforcement. Don't let a corrupt cop go unpunished!

Workplace Discrimination Lawsuits

An attorney from our firm is ready to meet with you for a consultation if you have experienced any type of workplace discrimination on the basis of your age, gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. State and federal laws prohibit such discrimination, and you can take legal action not only to correct the situation but also to claim damages. If you have been fired in an act of discrimination or as retaliation for speaking out about wrongdoing within the company, we can help you file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

You have rights in this situation, and we want to help you exercise them. Call our Panama City civil rights lawyer today!

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