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Panama City and Bay County Residents Beware Your Personal Injury Protection Has Changed PT.3

The new PIP law will subject treating physicians/medical providers to new reimbursement requirements and more involvement with litigating the claim, which may limit an accident victim's choice in treatment. Additionally, some medical providers may chose to not accept patients relying on their PIP for payment for treatment.

The new PIP law opens several litigation loopholes that will allow the insurance company to litigate any claim, whether fraudulent or not, from individuals seeking to use their full PIP benefits. Most of the changes that allow the insurance company additional litigation powers will happen well before a victim will hire an attorney to represent them in their claim. Also, without the assistance of a personal injury attorney, an accident victim can seriously limit their case and their ability to receive payment for their medical treatment.

All of these changes seem to limit an individual's rights and benefits that they pay for every month in automobile insurance. Automobile insurance is required by the State of Florida and PIP is a required part of the automobile insurance; however, the new law seeks to limit your benefits that they require you to pay for. Also, does anyone truly believe that their insurance rates will go down since the insurance companies are now protected from all the fraudulent claims?

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