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Florida Divorce Issues Involving Children

If you are currently going through a divorce and you have a child or multiple children, possibly the most important decisions you will have to make involve your kids. At Seaton Law Offices, P.A., we understand that dealing with issues of custody, child support and visitation rights can be very complicated.

We have put together a list of common questions and relevant answers regarding divorce issues when children are involved. Please do not hesitate to call our Panama City family law firm if you need immediate counsel – we are available 24/7.

How is child support calculated?

In Florida, there is a formula used called the Child Support Guidelines, where both parents’ incomes are considered along with the number of children in the family. From there, the statute is utilized to determine exactly how much support each child should need and how much each parent will have to contribute to make that happen.

What if you need temporary child support but your spouse won’t pay?

The Court may allow you to get an order of temporary child support, alimony or some other kind of financial relief until the case can be fully heard. In order to petition for this type of help, you can go to the Court immediately after filing for divorce.

What if your spouse is not letting you see your children?

If your spouse is keeping your child or children from you, you may be able to get the Judge to order visitation rights for you. Should your spouse fail to honor your visitation rights, they can be held in contempt of Court, which will often be held in consideration when timesharing rights are established in the parenting plan.

What is a parenting plan?

In Florida, parenting plans are mandatory. These plans are intended to allow parents to create a custody and visitation schedule that works best for their unique situation. It is also used to designate which parent will make important decisions for minor children. If the parents cannot agree on a plan, it will be designated by the Court.

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