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Breath and Blood Tests: DUI Defenses

The state of Florida has an "implied consent" law that gives law enforcement the right to collect a breath, blood or urine sample from any individual they have legally placed under arrest for a suspected DUI.

Once an officer has administered the standardized field sobriety tests and/or used a portable breathalyzer machine in the field to establish probable cause, he or she will then require the individual to submit to further blood or breath tests. Blood and breath tests are used by law enforcement officers to more accurately determine whether an individual has been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are also used to collect "conclusive" evidence as to the exact blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the driver at the time of his or her arrest. Unless these tests are properly administered by trained personnel, blood or breath test results cannot be submitted into evidence in a DUI case.

A key part of the defense process involves analyzing each of the steps, both prior to the arrest and following the arrest, so as to shed light on any discrepancies or incorrect administration of the chemical test. There are numerous issues which can cause the results of a blood or breath test to be rendered inaccurate. Inexperience on behalf of the individual administering the bests, a contaminated sample, an undisclosed illness, prescription medication, breathing patterns, ambient temperature, faulty or outdated equipment, and numerous other external factors can all have a direct impact on the test results.

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If you have been arrested for DUI in Panama City, it is in your best interest to obtain legal representation from a skilled attorney who possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the DUI arrest process. Our firm has had much success helping clients challenge breath test or blood test evidence so as to avoid the penalties that could be imposed upon a defendant in a DUI conviction. Our legal skills are highly-regarded and we are known for having an innate ability to uncover errors and mistakes that could dramatically shift the outcome in your favor.

To help protect your interests, it is vital that you be made aware of your legal rights and that you do not compromise those rights by providing a statement, admission of guilt or any other evidence to the police without first consulting with a Panama City DUI lawyer. We are here to provide you with the aggressive defense you will need when fighting DUI charges.

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