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Panama City Parenting Coordinator

What is a parenting coordinator?

Florida law is centered on the well-being of children involved in a divorce. A parenting coordinator may sometimes be brought in to aid in the process of forming a parenting plan that is in the children's best interests. Unless the parties submit a written agreement allowing for the court to appoint someone else, a parenting coordinator will have to satisfy a great number of requirements.

As stipulated by Florida Statute 61.125, the coordinator must be either:

  • A licensed mental health professional
  • A licensed physician, certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • A family law mediator who is certified by the Florida Supreme Court and has no less than a master's degree in a mental health field, or
  • A Florida Bar member in good standing

This individual must also have finished three years of post licensure or post certification practice and have completed a family mediation program that is certified by the Florida Supreme Court. Additionally, a coordinator must fulfill no less than 24 hours of parenting coordination training. This training covers a wide range of issues including family systems theory and application, child and adolescent development, and parenting coordination techniques. Four hours of this course deal with how parenting coordination can help with issues of domestic violence and child abuse. A court may even mandate further qualifications for a parenting coordinator.

How a Parenting Coordinator Can Help

This highly qualified individual can come alongside and help parents resolve issues and craft a beneficial parenting plan. In most cases, a court will appoint a coordinator only with the parents' consent and only if the resulting fees will not bring financial hardship. A qualified, impartial third party can then help you find a satisfactory arrangement for your unique situation, resolving issues like parent responsibility and how much time children spend with their parents. With decisions so vital to your children's well-being, such assistance can be invaluable. These sessions will be focused on finding the best solution for you and your children. Meetings will also be confidential unless for safety or for other court reasons some information must be divulged.

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