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Temporary Alimony in Panama City

In Florida, there are five different types of alimony: bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, permanent, and temporary, though temporary alimony is an unofficial category. This form of alimony can be requested as soon as the divorce process is initiated. It is also called alimony "pendente lite," as this form of spousal support is meant to aid a spouse while a divorce is pending. As soon as the divorce is complete, this alimony is ended. Further court-ordered spousal support may then be put into effect.

No matter how long your case is drawn out, going without immediate aid can present a financial strain. The divorce process can easily take months, or even years, which could present a financial hardship for one of the spouses if they cannot receive support until the divorce is final. To set up temporary alimony, a court hearing is required and unfortunately, courts can be backed up for months. If it takes a long time to obtain a hearing, a court can order retroactive temporary alimony, depending on a spouse's need and the other spouse's ability to pay. If you feel that you need immediate support, an experienced Panama City divorce lawyer can help work to ensure that you receive the help you deserve.

What does temporary alimony cover?

Temporary alimony can be set in place to help cover the costs of one spouse's necessary needs. This can include paying for housing, utility bills, food, etc. Beyond this, temporary alimony may be court-ordered to maintain a spouse's certain standard of living to which he or she is accustomed. This is so that during the divorce, the spouse can be sustained until the process is finished. This is intended to make a smoother transition into the next phase of life, so that he or she can achieve self-sufficiency. In some cases, temporary alimony can include a court order for one spouse to pay for the other spouse's attorney. This is to see that financial disparity does not lead to an unfair case.

How much support is ordered is in the discretion of the judge. The amount is based on a few different factors. One is both spouses' standard of living. The judge will also take into consideration the spouse's ability to be self-sufficient. Even if the spouse has been out of the workforce, he or she might be able to work or have enough in savings or liquid assets. Another factor is the other spouse's salary, whether he or she is able to provide support.

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