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Criminal Defense Process in Panama City

Steps to Take Following an Arrest in Panama City, FL

The first thing you should do after you or a loved one have been arrested for a crime is to contact a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience and a proven track record of success. The outcome of this situation could have a major impact on your future, and you simply cannot afford to take any chances with your case. We are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused, and are ready to take immediate action to help you resolve the charges and find your way out of the criminal justice system.

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Getting Your Loved One Out of Jail

If your loved one is currently being held in jail, it is advisable to retain our services as soon as possible so that we can be present at the arraignment. This is the first time your family member will be taken before the judge, who will formally read the charges and make a decision about setting a bond. Depending on factors such as the severity of the alleged crime and your loved one's prior criminal record and community ties, it may be possible to convince the judge to authorize a release on own recognizance, which does not require posting bail and depends instead on the judge's confidence that your loved one is likely to attend future hearings in the case. We can argue in favor of a low amount for bond or an OR release.

Talk to Nobody but Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether your loved one is still in custody or has been released from jail, it is absolutely vital to avoid discussing the case with anyone but an attorney. This includes police officers, investigators, cell mates and even friends and family-it is impossible to know who is gathering statements to be later used as evidence and who might be called to testify as a witness. It is safe to talk to your lawyer, as the attorney-client relationship is protected and confidential. You can tell us that you were falsely accused or that you committed the crime, but it is important that you be fully honest so that we can prepare the most effective strategy that is possible under the circumstances.

Pursuing a Favorable Outcome

Between the date of the arraignment and the date of the trial there will be several hearings, at which we may have the opportunity of filing a motion to dismiss the charges or of negotiating a favorable plea bargain with the prosecutor. We will also have the chance during this period to examine all the evidence in the possession of law enforcement, as well as conducting our own investigation of the case. If it can be proven that your Constitutional rights were violated during the investigation or arrest, we might be able to have the charges dropped.

Let Our Panama City Criminal Lawyer Fight for You

We do, however, prepare every case we represent for trial to maximize our chances of success. In the event that the case does go to a jury trial, you can benefit from our extensive courtroom experience and our skill in cross-examining witnesses and challenging the evidence in the case. You are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty, so we place the burden of proof on the prosecutor to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. The situation may appear quite grim, especially if this is the first time you have been arrested, but with our help you may be able to avoid the serious consequences you face.

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