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Identity Theft

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Identity theft, or the illegal use of someone else's personal information without their permission, is a serious crime and, under Florida law, can result in severe consequences. There are many different classifications of identity theft—some misdemeanors, most of them felonies, but all carrying significant sentences. Understanding how your charge is categorized under state statutes is crucial in preparing for your defense with a Panama City white collar crimes attorney.

The following actions are considered identity theft in the State of Florida:

  • The use of personal information to harass the individual it was stolen from
  • The use of personal information that is not your own to obtain property
  • The use of a minor or a deceased's personal information
  • The use of fabricated or counterfeit personal information

What penalties do I face if charged with identity theft?

The penalties assigned to those convicted of identity theft can vary widely. This is not only because of the many different classifications of the crime, but the court must also consider its scope and frequency, as well as the value of any property illegally obtained.

For example, the use or intent to use a deceased person's personal information is a third degree felony, but if person uses or intends to use the personal information of 10 to 19 different deceased people, this is considered a second degree felony. As felonies, both of these crimes can result in fines and prison time.

Some examples of penalties resulting from identity theft crimes:

  • Up to 60 days of jail and up to a $500 fine for using personal info to harass
  • Up to 15 years of prison and up to a $10K fine for using a minor's personal info
  • Up to 30 years of prison and up to a $10K fine for using 30+ deceased's personal info

Again, these are only some of the many sentences applicable to identity theft crimes. To learn more about what specific penalties you might face, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at Seaton Law Offices, P.A.

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