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Attorney for Out of State DUI Charges in Panama City

Have you been arrested for DUI while visiting Panama City?

There is no question that being arrested for DUI can be a very daunting experience, even when the arrest occurs close to home. If you are facing an arrest in a different state your case can become significantly more complicated due to the fact that you may not be familiar with the state's DUI laws. It is not likely that you what attorney to call to help you to fight the out of state DUI charges. In some cases the arresting officer and prosecuting attorney could make you feel as if they have a solid case against you.

You may be led to believe you have no other option than to admit guilt and accept the DUI penalties. This is far from the truth. There are ways to challenge the critical evidence, including breath and blood tests, bring into question the validity of your arrest, and disprove evidence in the case against you. Hiring a skilled Panama City DUI attorney will greatly improve your chances of obtaining a reduction or dismissal of charges, or securing an acquittal at trial. With her high Avvo® rating and comprehensive knowledge of Florida's DUI laws and statutes, you can rely on your case being in good hands.

Legal Assistance with Your Out of State DUI Charges

Each state handles out of state DUI charges differently. One of the most important actions you need to take if you have been arrested for DUI while visiting Panama City or any of the surrounding areas is to obtain in-state legal counsel. In the state of Florida out of state DUI arrests occur more often than most people may realize. The defense process must also be handled carefully, as Florida is a member of the Driver's License Compact (DLC) and the Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC). This means any information pertaining to an out of state DUI arrest will be shared with your home state and will have a direct impact on your license and driving privileges.

Over the years our firm has built a reputation for being an aggressive advocate for clients' rights. By obtaining legal representation from our firm you can depend on the fact that we will be fully committed to your case and will pursue all avenues to help you retain your drivers' license and protect your freedom.

If you have questions about an out of state DUI or you need to consult with legal counsel for an out of state DUI charge, contact our Panama City DUI lawyer right away.

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