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Defending The Victims Of Domestic Violence in Florida

At Seaton Law Offices, P.A., we are dedicated to defending the rights of our clients, and if you have been subjected to any form of domestic violence we want to help you. An attorney from our team can represent you in court in filing a petition for an injunction for protection against domestic violence, which is a restraining order you can use to prevent the abuser from coming near you, from stalking, harassing or contacting you, and which is enforceable by threat of an arrest and detainment in jail. The injunction can grant you temporary child custody and child support payments, and may even prohibit the abuser from owning or possessing a gun.

Be careful how you handle this situation. Domestic violence has a tendency to escalate out of control, particularly when the victim threatens to divorce. If you are in fear of being attacked, do not hesitate to take action to defend yourself and your children, even contacting the police for help. We will take on the duty of representing you throughout the divorce, sparing you the necessity of confrontations with the abuser and fighting to secure your rights in matters such as custody, alimony and property distribution. By taking positive steps now, you may soon be able to make a fresh start in life, with the peace and security you deserve in your home.

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While the victims of domestic violence deserve protection, there are unfortunately many cases on record where one of the spouses levels false accusations in an attempt to gain the upper hand in a divorce. This type of allegation is often easy to make and difficult to defend against, but you can greatly improve your chances of a favorable outcome by retaining our services. We can help you seek to clear your name and safeguard your right to child custody or visitation, as well as representing you in court if you face criminal charges. This may be a highly stressful experience for you, but it is not one which you have to face on your own.

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