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FAQ for Divorce and Family Law

Seaton Law Offices, P.A. is consistently asked certain questions by people facing a family law legal issue, whether it is divorce, custody, support, enforcement or other issue. The attorneys have provided you with some basic answers to general questions. Call the firm to discuss your case for more specific answers. The firm represents Panama City residents in all family law matters.

If I file for divorce, will I lose my home?

One of the most important issues in most divorce cases is the family home. How this is decided can be a complex matter, and planning out a strategy should start immediately. A full review of your situation can allow the firm to evaluate how the courts are likely to make a decision. Once the attorney has reviewed your financial scene, she can propose various types of solutions that could make it possible for you to remain in your home. The resolution of this problem should be handled by a legal professional with extensive experience in mediation, negotiation and at trial. Call us.

How can I make sure I get custody of my children?

The Florida courts are focused on protecting the best interests of the children. It is considered important for parents to have equal access to their children, but how this is arranged is on a case-by-case basis. A parenting plan is submitted to the court for approval. You can expect that a court decision will allow both parents time with the children, and a specific formula for visitation is commonly used. If there are issues such as alcoholism, drug use, a history of family violence or similar situation, there are cases in which the court will decide that one parent can only visit with children under supervision. If you are concerned about the custody of your children, these matters are best resolved through negotiations with the opposing attorney, rather than in court. You need a skilled attorney to engage in this process. Granted, there are some cases in which the other parent is unbending and won't compromise. Some cases must be taken to trial for resolution. In these cases, you want a highly experienced attorney presenting your case, as the skill with which your case is presented is often a critical factor in the final decision.

How much spousal support will I get/pay?

The decision about spousal support is based upon several factors, including the current financial condition of each party, the ability to maintain the standard of living enjoyed during the term of the marriage, the ability of each party to get and remain employed, and the duration of the marriage. Florida law allows for a lifetime of spousal support in some cases. You should find out what to expect, and Seaton Law Offices, P.A. can help.

What is a collaborative divorce? Is this a better option?

A new approach to divorce is the collaborative divorce process. Each party has legal representation, and agrees to get together, outside of court, and brings matters to a resolution with less strife and stress. This often results in a better agreement – as both parties have been intimately involved in the decision making process. You can find out more about collaborative divorce by calling the firm.

I need help establishing paternity. What should I do?

If you are the parent of a child and do not currently have parental rights, legal action can be taken to establish paternity and gain the ability to be involved in your child's upbringing. If you are unsure if you are actually the parent of a child and are being asked to pay support, this could be another reason for the need to scientifically prove whether you are the father or not. There are blood tests used to determine paternity, as well as DNA tests. Attorney Seaton and her team can help you to resolve this issue and get the answers you need.

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