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Common DUI Mistakes in Panama City

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If you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI, there are certain errors you could make that could lead to serious consequences. A skilled Panama City DUI lawyer can ensure that your case is managed carefully from start to finish. At Seaton Law Offices, P.A., we represent those facing misdemeanor or felony DUI charges, and we are very familiar with the various DUI defense strategies that could allow you to avoid conviction and penalties. If you call our firm today, we can guide you through the DUI process, with the goal of pursuing a positive case outcome for you.

The following list are some of the most common mistakes made by those facing DUI charges:

  • Pleading guilty - It is not generally in an individual's best interests to plead guilty without having a DUI defense lawyer explore the options for your defense. If you plead guilty, it is game over. A DUI conviction has serious consequences. A guilty plea cannot be changed if your case is found to have serious errors later down the road.
  • Failing to schedule an Administrative Hearing within 10 days of the arrest - Many people do not realize that without requesting an Administrative Hearing you will not be able to retain your license. If you miss the deadline your license will automatically be suspended. Don't delay in contacting an attorney about this hearing as you only have 10 days in which to schedule it.
  • Believing that you cannot fight your DUI charge due to Breath or Blood test results - Blood and breath test evidence may not be conclusive. Although breath or blood test results can certainly be used as evidence, it is possible that in your case the tests were administered incorrectly and the BAC level cannot conclusively establish that you were over the limit due to these errors.
  • Not having an attorney review the police stop for violations of your Constitutional Rights - You may have been the victim of a rights violation in the initial stop. If so, the evidence obtained after an illegal stop will not be admissible. It is imperative that this aspect of your case is analyzed before you make any decision about your plea.
  • Admitting guilt - Prior to an arrest, and being read your rights, law enforcement can ask you anything. You don't have to answer questions such as "have you been drinking?" or "how much have you had to drink tonight?" If you admit that you have been drinking, this will be used against you. It is best to speak with police respectfully, but you are not required to answer these questions, and admitting guilt could create a real problem for you in your case.

Contact our Panama City DUI lawyer today. We are zealous advocates for those who are facing DUI charges, and we know what to do to identify the right defense strategy for your case.

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