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Criminal charges for a crime involving the drug, ecstasy, are extremely dangerous for the accused. The professionals at the Seaton Law Offices, P.A. have the experience at trial and record of success that you will need on your side in court. We are personally involved with each case we take on. You have been accused of a crime involving ecstasy, but whether you are convicted or not will be in large part, based upon the skills exhibited by your defense team. You need to take action to gain any possible advantage, and the legal actions for your defense should be initiated at once after your arrest.

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With both federal and state court system experience and having served as counsel in a wide variety of high profile cases, our team is ready to help you fight back. We stand by your and we are zealous advocates for your rights, from start to finish and Know you are making the right decision by choosing our firm. Experience matters. Your future freedom could depend upon the skill with which your case is handled. The first step is a review of the evidence. Call now.

Panama City Ecstasy Possession Charges

Minimal possession of ecstasy (MDMA), between 10 and 199 grams, can lead to a 3-year minimum mandatory prison sentence and a $50,000 fine being imposed upon a convicted offender. The next step up in quantity doubles both penalties. If you have a prior criminal record, this can impact the years imposed upon you in a conviction. Our legal team must move into action at once. Our first action will include analyzing whether your rights were violated by police or investigators. No one is above the law, and if you are a victim of a rights violation, such as illegal search and seizure, we will act at once to have the evidence suppressed. What happened in your case? We want to hear your side of the story.

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