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Parenting Agreements: Caring for Your Children after a Divorce

Child CustodyIt is of the utmost importance to consider the future well-being of your children if you are going through a divorce. A written agreement outlining how your children will be taken care of is an essential part of proceedings and will ensure that details like custody, living arrangements, and visitation rights are followed. Parental cooperation in situations like these is critical in ensuring that your children will experience a smooth transition throughout the process of separation, reducing the potential for conflict and providing clear solutions to any issues that may arise.

What is a Parenting Agreement?

A parenting agreement is a written document that outlines how you and your ex-spouse have agreed to share the responsibilities associated with the care of your children. This agreement can be drafted by parents by themselves or with the guidance of a child custody mediator or other family law specialist.

It is a good idea to set clear expectations about some of the following topics:

  • Living arrangements
  • Visitation arrangements
  • Child support and other financial matters
  • Education
  • Medical care
  • Religious upbringing
  • Holidays

It is helpful when creating your agreement to gather any documentation that pertains to the items on your list, including, but not limited to, court documents, any correspondence from lawyers or counselors, previous written agreements between you and the other parent, documents dissolving your religious marriage, and other reports or evaluations from professionals, like school officials or counselors, who have insight into your children’s lives. By reviewing this information together, you and your ex-spouse can determine how best to proceed in as expedient and cooperative a manner as possible.

Parenting Agreement Help and Resources

If you find that you would like assistance with the process of creating a parenting agreement that satisfies both parents, Seaton Law Offices, P.A. is able to help. We can offer compassionate advice that helps you to maintain your parental role and your rights to continue to be an active member of your child’s upbringing.

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