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Panama City and Bay County Residents Beware Your Personal Injury Protection Has Changed PT 4

If you have been in an automobile accident before, you may remember that when you filed your claim your insurance company would constantly want to take your statement, now they have more power over you and your claim.

Insurance companies now will have the power to interview accident victims with the examination under oath, and will be able to tell an uninformed victim that failure to comply will result in a denial of their benefits. Even your treating doctor who determines that your injuries are an Emergency Medical Condition will then be subjected to an examination under oath, and his/her findings will be subjected to litigation.

An insurance company will also have the power to schedule an Emergency Medical Condition with their own hired physician for an independent medical examination, and if the victim fails to appear without a reasonable excuse, then PIP benefits can be denied. Basically the insurance company can now force you to submit to an under-oath interview, attend an examination by their own pay-rolled doctor in order to determine if your injuries will be deemed an Emergency Medical Condition, and they will do this well before your $2,500.00 threshold is reached.

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