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Annulment vs. Divorce. Which Option is Right for Me?

Marriage doesn't always work out, and when you find yourself at the end of a relationship, determining how to end it can be challenging. The most popular option for couples is divorce. While this is the case, many people still wonder if annulment is a viable option for their situation.

Annulment is actually much more complicated and can require more legal work. You will need to meet specific requirements and be able to prove that there was some level fraudulence in your spouse's premarital statement. There is little to no difference between property division, child support, and other matters when it comes to annulment and divorce, often making divorce the simpler option. Annulment may be desirable for certain religious reasons, but other than that, divorce is typically considered the more straightforward path.

Divorce can be used any time in a marriage. There is no real requirements for divorce, so long as one party is seeking to dissolve the marriage, a divorce will likely proceed.

In order to get an annulment, you usually have to have one of the following reasons:

Annulments are often only used within a few weeks or months of a marriage, which means there is likely no issues regarding property division, child custody, or debt division involved.

Divorce, on the other hand, is frequently used to help couples who have had long-term relationships carefully divide their marital property and other matters. If you don't have many assets or any children, you can even pursue a simplified divorce process.

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