Financial Affidavits in Florida Divorce

As a part of the full financial disclosure in a divorce, financial affidavits are filled out and sworn-in statements by both spouses. The document type varies according to annual income, as there is a form for those whose individual income is less than $50,000, and another form for those who make $50,000 or more. On your respective documents, you and your spouse will exhaustively list out your income, expenses per month, as well as assets and liabilities. A spouse's finances can be condensed into one document, making this information clear and accessible. This information is necessary for divorce cases that will include child support and/or alimony, as well as others.

Process of Filling out a Financial Affidavit

In a simplified dissolution of marriage, when there are no children and spouses are in agreement about property division, the petition for divorce must include a financial affidavit. In a regular dissolution of marriage, uncontested divorces can also include a financial affidavit, which must be filled out within 45 days of the divorce paperwork being served. If a spouse hides any information, then the other spouse may want to consider a deposition. The court can order your spouse to turn in financial documents, and you can have your spouse answer questions from your lawyer while under oath. This can be an alternate way of obtaining full financial disclosure. A court cannot order an affidavit, as they are strictly voluntary.

Once the document is filled out, a qualified official must sign the document and administer an oath or affirmation. A qualified official can include a city recorder, court clerk, notary, court commissioner, etc. In some cases, a justice of the peace or magistrate can take down your affidavit and administer the oath.

Panama City Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

A lot can be at stake, even with this financial document. The amounts reported can affect matters such as spousal or child support. You want to be sure that you do not commit any errors in your affidavit, and you want your spouse to fully disclose his or her information as well. You need to be assured that your child is fully provided for and that any alimony is fair. If you have any further questions regarding financial affidavits or depositions, then please do not hesitate to call an experienced divorce attorney from Seaton Law Offices, P.A.

We can help you with your affidavit and work to ensure that your spouse offers full financial disclosure. Otherwise, we can help you obtain all the information you need. We are committed to helping you successfully navigate this process with as little stress as possible. Many issues that can affect the rest of your life are involved in every step of a divorce; you cannot afford second-rate legal counsel.

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