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Under state law, both parents share an obligation and a duty to provide for their children's needs, including paying for basic expenses for food, clothing and shelter, for medical care and education, and for an acceptable standard of living. Unfortunately, a divorce frequently places the parents in opposition over this responsibility, because neither parent wants to be forced to pay a disproportionate share of the total burden.

If you are planning to divorce in Panama City, come to Seaton Law Offices, P.A. for help. The firm's lead attorney is prepared to defend your rights, both in negotiations and in courtroom litigation. The calculation of child support could have a tremendous impact on your future financial stability, and Attorney Seaton will fight to help you avoid an outcome which places you in difficulty.

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, the state guidelines for calculating child support take into consideration factors including what income you and the other parent currently earn, how much your children require in costs for medical care and childcare, and a figure which is found in a statutorily enacted Standard Needs Table which takes into account the combined monthly net income of both you and the other parent. As an example of how the Table works, if the combined monthly net income is calculated at $8,000 and there are two children, the minimum child support payment will be calculated at $2,004, while if you and the other parent net a combined total of only $4,000, the two children would require $1,288.

Child Support Modifications and Enforcement in Panama City

If you need to alter the current child support payment amount, or need help in enforcing the other parent's duty to pay, an attorney may be able to help you. The judge's order to pay child support carries the force of law, and the other parent cannot cease paying without the approval of the court. Attorney Seaton can help you seek enforcement of the court order, which can include penalties such as a wage garnishment or driver's license suspension, or even an arrest.

In the event that you can no longer meet your payment obligation, or if you receive child support and need to increase the payment amount, an attorney from the firm can help you petition the court for a formal modification of the support order. It is necessary in this situation to demonstrate that the change is absolutely required, such as if you have lost your job or have experienced a major medical event. The firm will help you gather evidence to prove your case and will advocate on your behalf in court.

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